UX consultant based in London providing services in person & remotely

My UX project experience page will hopefully give you a flavour of the range and diversity of the projects that I've had the pleasure to work on. Combining this with an earlier 8 year business background plus 4 years designing websites has put me in good stead to provide comprehensive UX consultancy.

Potential UX consulting projects

  1. Strategic and hands on help in getting your website/app achieving it's full potential on mobile phones and tablets (e.g responsive web design)
  2. Adaptable, lean UX input for startups looking to move project concepts forward iteratively at rapid pace.
  3. Overall responsibility for all UX design considerations for a given project or range of projects
  4. User testing implementation, reporting and resulting design enhancement recommendations
  5. UX expert review of existing sites/applications (a quick, low cost way to establish key opportunities for improvement)
  6. Discovery / research initiative to ensure a future project can be considered and planned on solid foundations. Depending on the requirement this may cover all or a selection of the following:
    • User research / interviews
    • User profiling and persona production
    • User journey analysis and documentation
    • Competitor research and analysis
    • Market forces, industry trends and related considerations
    • Technology platform opportunities and limitations
    • Page visit / search term trends
    • Project design opportunities / recommendations
    • MVP (minimum viable product) recommendations
  7. Helping to introduce and embed UX thinking and methodologies into your organisation's culture
  8. Last but by no means least, helping with a specific UX related issue, mid project, where the pressure is on to find a solid resolution quickly (trust me, I've been there)!

Remote UX consultations

An option for those who are not located close to London or other areas where there is a good supply of UX expertise on tap is to try remote UX consultancy via Skype (or similar). If this is of interest then please just send me an email describing the kind of input that you may need and I'll respond straight away with confirmation of how I can help with a view to setting up an initial chat.

An advantage of remote UX consultancy is that it is charged at an hourly rate meaning you can tap into the expertise that your project requires as and when you need to and for as long a time as you require. The charge for this form of consultancy is £50/hour.

Some clients just require a one off consultation whilst others are more interested in an ongoing UX consultancy support arrangement.

If you're interested or would just like to find out more about whether my UX consultancy services could work for you then please get in touch.

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