Why work with me?

It's always tricky to list perceived positive attributes about yourself. However I do believe it serves a website well to spell out elements that help potential business partners to decide whether a product or service is suitable for their needs.

With this in mind, here's some key reasons why I might be the right choice for your project...

Committed to getting the job done

I have never given up on a project once it has started for reasons other than contract expiry or relocation of the project team. This is why my CV and the 'UX project experience' section of this site is full of successfully completed projects, where commitment and determination have helped win the day.

Safe pair of hands based on solid design process

I'm a strong believer that complex digital projects should ideally commence following a considered research and planning phase, with due care and attention applied to change management and project scope as the project progresses.

A clear definition of what the project is seeking to achieve (including prioritised business goals) and a good understanding of the intended audience(s) puts the design process on a sure footing and allows me to move forward in confidence.

I have learned to recognise where a tricky decision is of crucial importance and to ensure that sufficient effort is applied so that the right course of action is taken.

Interpersonal business skills

Prior to focusing my career on the design and production of websites / and applications in late 2001, and following my business degree, I spent 8 years working in a variety of customer focused business roles including sales, account management and project management, generally involved in the delivery of business solutions. During this period I worked with some of the worlds' most prominent organisations, as well as a wide variety of SMEs.

Politically savvy

Working within any organisation brings inevitable exposure to a political landscape of one form or another and is sometimes one of the most important considerations on a given project. Sufficient relevant experience of this has helped me to fine tune my political instincts and to navigate through internal politics as necessary.

Wide range of web skills

As described within the 'UX skills' section of this site I have a wide ranging web based skill set allowing me to fully appreciate all aspects of a design solution. This can prove invaluable when seeking to ensure that the best all round design solution is implemented without causing any design/development/usability/accessibility/SEO headaches.

Wide range of digital project experience

As demonstrated in the 'Recent UX / IA section' of this site, I have worked on a wide range of web/application design/redesign projects, providing me with valuable insight and knowledge.

Bridge between creative and usability

I'm well aware of the conflicts that can arise between the need to innovate and push boundries, and the need to ensure a solution is highly usable and easy to interact with. Careful negotiation and mediation is often required to ensure that the best all round solution is found. I believe that I have sufficient understanding of both disciplines to be able to help navigate a project through to a suitably balanced solution.

I hope that this page has provided information that will help you to decide whether or not I might be the right person to help on a forthcoming project. If you'd like any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Anthony has a wealth of knowledge that allows him to have a true undertstanding of what it means to create a successful online experience.

He can be trusted with confidence to take ownership of a projects large and small and deliver them to an incredibly high standard.

Mark Bell
Head of IA
Dare Digital Ltd

Anthony provided us an excellent service in delivering two high profile Web projects for BUPA as a key part of the TH_NK design team.

His engagement and facilitation skills on top of his innovative, dedicated and professional approach to his work and profession ensured we delivered great value to the client.

I would recommend Anthony to anyone who is looking for leadership in the field of Information Architecture and Experience Design.

Rob Hudson
Director of Operations
Think Ltd

Anthony is a genuinely nice guy who is always happy to help.

Abrs have been lucky enough to have had Anthony represented us at 4 different clients over the last couple of years ? The feedback has always been excellent. He is expert in his field and I would have no hesitation is recommending him.

Jordan Norris
now Head of Digital
Connections Recruitment Ltd