Interaction design / UI design

One of my main aims on UX projects is the creation of easy to interpret and engage with user interfaces for target audiences with an emphasis on user interactions and user flows that offer a high level of usability.

The skillsets of interaction design and UI design come together to facilitate this.

A key objective is to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of digital interactions and strip away all uneccessary noise and clutter so that the user can more easily complete the task(s) at hand.

The following are examples of user interfaces I have designed with these principles in mind:

  • Interfaces for the responsive web (desktop, tablet, mobile) as well as mobile / tablet apps.
  • A wide range of web based forms including registration, login, questionaires, and credit card payment processing.
  • Health management dashboard
  • Voting and rating application
  • Global country selection
  • Map based location finders
  • Interactive search results pages
  • Investment fund selection tools
  • Account managment sections/pages
  • Video players
  • Deal workflows for finance products
  • Rich interfaces (e.g. charts, graphs, global maps, transitions).

If you'd like to know more about my interaction design / UI design skills and experience please get in touch.

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