User centred design (UCD)

User centred design has become a key tool in the quest for the creation of optimum digital based user experiences and includes of a range of methodologies such as user interviews, user research and profiling, creation of user personas with identified goals, user journey planning, primary and secondary user requirements catalogue, usability testing and resulting design refinement.

Ultimately user centred design is made up of 3 core components. Firstly understand your current/target user base. Secondly, group your core audience types into personas and then finally, craft a design solution tailored to the user journey requirements for each of your personas.

The following is a summary of my UCD skills and experience:

  • Global user research based on interviews (face to face, telephone and remote screen sharing) with current users of an existing application in order to determine current usage patterns and task flows as well as user thoughts and opinions with regards to design enhancement opportunities.
  • User research based on meetings with, and data provision from, relevant marketing departments
  • User attitudes and opinions gained from the facilitation of focus groups
  • User needs and problems ascertained following interviews carried out with customer facing call centre staff and management
  • Persona workshops where the key characteristics of personas are discussed and agreed with stakeholders following all relevant client inputs
  • International telephone interviews carried out to get user focused input from overseas representatives
  • Creation of personas to cover key user types identified during user research phase
  • Identification of core persona goals and objectives
  • Translation of persona goals and objectives into logical steps and then on to task based user journeys
  • Compilation of prioritised user requirements catalogue to including content, features, and functionality
  • Creation of a site map(s) designed to support the user's journey through to task completion in the most user centric manner possible
  • Creation of wirefame designs to allow optimum ease of comprehension, navigation and interaction
  • Sharing of user focused approach and rationale with key members of the project team (e.g. developers and visual designers) to help ensure that user focused aspects of the design are maintained
  • Implementation and moderation of both lab based and onsite usability testing to inform the design refinement process and to help move the design phase through to successful completion

Please contact me if you'd like to know more about my user centred design skills and experience.

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