UX workshops

The ability to organise and facilitate UX workshops / meetings is a key aspect of a well rounded UX deigner's skillset. On larger more long term projects this ability becomes vital, both at the start as well as during the entire design and testing phase.

The facilitator's role can be challenging, particularly where items being discussed are of high importance or where stakeholders have had involvement in the production of a soon to be re-designed element of a website or application.

My skills and experience relating to the organisation and facilitation of UX workshops can be summarised as follows:

  • Design kick off meeting to agree to scope, boundries and opportunities for a given design phase
  • Workshop to discuss and analyse an existing website or application with business stakeholders and to collaborate in the envisioning of a future ideal version.
  • Workshop to discuss and analyse an existing user base with business representatives and then formulating key user types and building them out into the user personas (to be used during the design process of a forthcoming project)
  • Workshop with business representatives to agree ideal user journeys through to user task completion, and also to prioritise required features and functionality
  • Discovery meetings with an existing site/application management team to get a clear understanding of current complexities (e.g. business logic, security permission configurations) to make sure that these are maintained in the new system
  • Design review meetings to review the results of a given design phase so that comments and other feedback can be factored into design refinement

If you'd like to know more about my UX workshop facilitation skills and experience please contact me.

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