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User experience (UX) design can encompass the full spectrum of a users' exposure to, and interactions with, an organisations digitial assets. UX design can also suggest an emphasis on the creation of new and interesting experiences by way advanced design solutions that are tailored to an organisation's unique identity.

The role of the information architect (IA) tends to focus on the usability aspects of a design, with it's emphasis being to present the right information and functionality, in the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

Many of my roles have included wider ranging considerations that make the title of UX designer more appropriate, whilst others may have had a narrower focus therefore being more accurately described by the term information architect.

In all of these roles the focus has been on the design of websites and applications with an emphasis on providing an effortless and enjoyable experience for the user base in question.

My key deliverable is generally the UX design specification documentation (sometimes delivered on an iteration by iteration basis), core elements of which are a site map and wireframe designs. The wireframe designs normally include the design of all aspects of the digital product to be developed including interaction flows.

Increasingly my UX deliverables have been made up all or in part by sketched designs which can help to speed the process up especially in terms of collaboration with other members of the team such as developers and visual designers.

Other design collateral such as personas, task based journeys, prioritised feature & functionality lists, logical system flows, visual design work, and technical considerations can also be included within the UX design specification depending on the needs of a given project.

Additional aspects of my user experience design skill set are listed below:

And the following is a list of the type of engagements that I have undertaken:

  • Lead UX design resource
  • Part of a team of UX design resources applied to a given project
  • Long term contracts (up to 2 years) from discovery phase through to design completion/project launch (based at my client's office)
  • Short, medium and long term contracts where I have been engaged by a digital design agency based either at the agency or end client office (or a combination of both)
  • Home based projects where I attend the client's office for design related meetings only
  • Remote consultations where are interaction with my client is online via email and video/phone calls.

If you'd like any additional information about my UX design skills and experience then please get in touch.

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